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What Separates Us From Other Steel Building Companies?

Pre-engineered rigid-frame building kits produce high quality buildings that outperform all other construction methods. Moreover, steel building systems offers the best metal buildings on the market today.

There are no variations or unknowns in Tower Steel Buildings commercial-grade rigid-frame steel buildings.

Precisely manufactured to the exacting tolerances of strict industry guidelines, every steel member of a Tower Steel Buildings metal building package is absolutely consistent and predictable.

Each piece performs exactly as all other pieces of the same type and gauge, supporting a known weight at a certain width and at an exact distance from the next component.

In addition, Tower Steel Buildings’s red-iron steel does not rot, warp, creep, twist, or split like lumber. Every steel member in our quality steel building kits is strong, straight, and true and stays that way for many decades of service.

Every Tower Steel Buildings order is calculated using sophisticated computer-aided steel engineering software. Each load and local code is analyzed before creating an exact list of the pieces needed to construct the structure ordered for your specific location.

The software then generates detailed drawings for the factory.

All the components of the steel framing are manufactured to exact specifications from high-strength commercial-grade steel. Each piece is cut, welded, drilled, and marked for easy identification.

Your building arrives ready to assemble. Heavy-duty steel bolts, nuts, and self-tapping screws used to assemble the framing are included.

This streamlined design and production system keeps Tower steel building kits affordable and efficient to build. It eliminates wasted material— and wasted time at the job site.

Tower Steel Buildings red-iron (painted grey) steel is so much stronger than wood or light-gauge steel framing. Consequently, RHINO quality steel buildings require far fewer pieces to form a strong, very durable structure.

Consider the following comparisons:

  • Wood framing typically spaces studs 16-inches
  • Light-gauge steel framing is ordinarily built with studs spaced 16 or 24-inches
  • Tower Steel Buildings’s prefabricated rigid steel frames are normally placed 25-feet

Thus, Tower Steel Buildings more efficient system creates the best structures. In fact, our high quality metal buildings slash erection time by 33% over other building methods.

Tower’s quality steel buildings provide superior protection, with built-in resistance from damage caused by:

  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Strong winds
  • Crushing snows
  • Earthquakes
  • Termites
  • Mold
  • Rot

Tower Steel Buildings’ commercial-grade framing delivers the best steel buildings. Therefore, most insurance companies offer significant discounts for Tower steel structures.
Tower Steel Buildings wall cavities are much deeper than wood or light gauge walls. This allows Tower Steel Buildings to use more insulation for greater energy savings.

Our optional Pro-Value insulation system not only eliminates all thermal transfer problems, but also typically saves about 50% on heating and cooling costs over wood or light-gauge steel framing.

In addition, no customers have ever experienced “ghosting” in their Tower Steel Buildings-tough quality steel buildings. However, ghosting is a common problem for light-gauge steel structures.

No wood-framed building or light-gauge steel structure spans as far as a Tower steel structure. These building materials simply lack the strength of Tower Steel Buildings’s rigid red-iron (painted grey) steel framing.

Do you need a quality steel building for any of the following?

  • Agricultural structures or barns
  • Church structures
  • Commercial buildings
  • Horseback riding arenas
  • Airplane or helicopter hangars
  • Self storage buildings
  • Industrial or warehouse buildings
  • Personal garages, storage buildings, or workshops
  • Then you need a Tower Steel Buildings-tough metal building.

Call Tower Steel Buildings today for a free quote and assistance. Let our steel building advisors answer all your questions. Their experience and expertise will aid you in ordering the best steel buildings for your specific needs.

Call Tower Steel Buildings now at 1-888-892-8815.


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