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Steel Building Site Preparation

Steel Building Site Preparation: What You Need to Know 

Preparing your steel building site is a critical part of the building process as it ensures that your building is on stable, level, and well-compacted ground. The work involved includes tasks such as: removal of tree stumps, vegetation, and large rocks. Tower steel offers the services of our amazing construction team for all these tasks and more on a per project basis. 

 Another part of the site preparation for your steel building is topsoil management. This is the removal of the outermost layer of soil to make way for your steel building foundation. Tower Steel also offers the service of our professional excavators & graders, which get rid of less secure clay or silt like soils during construction. Depending on soil conditions, there may be extra work required, such as fill dirt in order to create a more solid foundation bed. Because not all foundations and/or topsoils are created equally, another consideration is the type of fill dirt required so that the foundation bed will not shift over time. To put it simply, higher soil density means the soil can carry more weight which allows for larger buildings to be securely erected. 

 At Tower Steel, a lot of effort is put into making sure that the level pad of the foundation is firm and smooth so that we avoid common foundation compromises like cracks. In addition, each build site can present its own unique challenges so we make every effort to do a thorough site review before providing a detailed quote. 

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Take a peek at some building site locations from some of our projects in the past. For footage of steel building projects being erected from start to finish, click here

To summarize the site preparation of your building, consider these factors:

Drainage: Examine the way water will drain from your building site and look for any obstructions that will prevent water drainage from your steel building. There may even be occasions where buildings around the site interfere with the drainage system.

Access: Depending on the location; rain, wind, sun, and snow may have pronounced effects on the ease of access of your steel building. For example, if your building site is in an area that gets very humid during the summer or experiences heavy snow loads during the winter, there may be special considerations or adjustments you need to make to accommodate (or choose a different site altogether). Lastly, there is also the consideration of the building delivery truck, make sure there is ample room at the site free of obstructions to ensure a smooth unloading of your steel framing pieces. 

Utility: Whether it’s gas, electrical, or water lines, examine if implementing these utilities in your location is something you can do. In addition, keep tabs on any existing utility lines so that interference is kept to a minimum during the erection of your steel building. 

Pavement: Knowing which areas around the structure need permanent paving is crucial as this could affect drainage or the other previously mentioned factors. Sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas are also all potential additions that you would need to include in your plans. 

In closing, remember that site preparation is a part of the planning of your steel building and it’s something that shouldn’t be rushed. By taking your time and doing your due diligence, you’ll save yourself  plenty of headaches in the future! 



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