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Pro’s of Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

Pre-engineered buildings provide many benefits over conventional metal building methods. They are cost-efficient, easily customizable, designed to meet local building codes and load requirements, and also save a lot of construction time. The net effect is that pre-engineered buildings save you time, money and hassle when building any metal structure for commercial, industrial or residential use. Below are some additional aspects of prefab metal buildings that unveil more of the advantages and benefits of this popular building method.

Definition of A Pre Engineered Steel Building

Also referred to as prefabricated steel buildings, these are custom structures that factor local building code and load requirements, design customization and environmental factors in the design to deliver buildings that are durable, affordable and highly reliable. The manufacturer fabricates the metal building components, including structural frame, wall panels, metal roofing system and other accessories, then ships them to their designated construction site for erection.

What are the different uses for Pre Engineered Steel Buildings?

Due to their versatility, pre-engineered buildings can be used in many applications across different industries and locations. Some of the applications of buildings from Tower Steel Buildings include:

  • Commercial structures
  • Recreational arenas and community buildings
  • Steel barns and agricultural facilities
  • Industrial and residential workshops, garages and storage
  • Cannabis Buildings
  • Mining Buildings

Why are our pre engineered steel buildings the best choice for your building project?

When you purchase a prefab building from Tower Steel Buildings, it is not only an investment into the construction project, but also to the life of the building. Using advanced design, manufacturing and erection techniques, we are able to deliver large steel buildings at similar costs to comparable size buildings made of conventional building materials such as wood. On top of that, our steel buildings have a significant edge due to the savings they bring to their owners. Some of these savings include:

Construction Site and Labor Savings.

Pre-engineered building projects involve the manufacturer right from the initial stages of the design process. The close and sustained collaboration ensures that building kits are accurately fabricated from the factory, which in turn helps lower costs associated with the site during construction while also reducing labor needs.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs.

Through proper insulation, our building kits can help you save thousands of dollars on heating and cooling costs over the life of the building.

Reduced Insurance Premiums.

Steel has many good properties that make it stand out from other conventional building materials such as wood. Qualities such as strength, durability, resistance to wind, fire, and other elements all contribute to lowering the insurance premiums of steel buildings as compared to other materials. The premise is that steel buildings are less prone to damage and, therefore, less risky.

Minimal Maintenance.

Metal is not susceptible to damage from termites and other pests, which lowers maintenance costs. On top of that, metal is more durable and therefore requires little upkeep to remain in great condition.

Time Savings.

Delays during any construction project can be expensive. For this reason, general contractors and installation teams prefer to have predetermined construction timing and labour scheduling. By sourcing your pre-engineered metal buildings from one manufacturer rather than several vendors, you are able to achieve a high level of certainty in ti pre-engineered metal buildings ming and scheduling, which also improves your speed of building erection. It will also help you in the following ways that increase efficiency and time savings:

  • Code compliance in all materials
  • Streamlined vendor management
  • Early selection of connections for better material accuracy and compatibility
  • Receiving materials in time for construction through just-in-time manufacturing
  • Minimal disruptions on the site
  • Earlier site access to help with post erection trades
  • Design Flexibility and Enhanced Customization.

Our highly experienced team of designers can create custom designs to fit almost any commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural or storage construction project.

If you are looking into purchasing a pre-engineered building, partnering with Tower Steel Buildings will guarantee you decades of experience in versatile steel building customization, manufacturing and project delivery. Contact us today to get a quote on pre-engineered steel buildings from the large and complex, to the small and simple.


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