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7 Essential Services for Designing and Building Steel Buildings

Empty steel building

As a building contractor experienced in steel construction, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive services to ensure a successful project. When it comes to designing and building steel buildings, here are seven essential services that are part of the steel building process: Initial Consultation and Site Assessment The first step in any steel building […]

Why is Choosing A Steel Building Best? (Versus Other Building Types)

Did you know that a Tower Steel Building kit slashes construction time by 33% or more? This quick construction doesn’t just save time— it saves money, too. Here’s how. Ways a Steel Building Saves you Time and Money Time equals money in construction. With every additional day of construction, total costs rise. Rapid construction cuts […]

What Separates Us From Other Steel Building Companies?

Pre-engineered rigid-frame building kits produce high quality buildings that outperform all other construction methods. Moreover, steel building systems offers the best metal buildings on the market today. There are no variations or unknowns in Tower Steel Buildings commercial-grade rigid-frame steel buildings. Precisely manufactured to the exacting tolerances of strict industry guidelines, every steel member of […]

Grow and Scale Your Business with Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

When your growing business needs more space, turn to Tower Steel buildings. Our clear span buildings create elbowroom for booming businesses to operate efficiently— and profitably. Booming Online Sales Drive the Industrial Building Market In 2019, already robust online sales increased an additional 16%. According to Digital Commerce, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven online sales […]

Top 4 Benefits of Steel Buildings

Top 4 Benefits of Steel Buildings Consistency and durability are the hallmark of steel buildings, which is why the construction industry defaults to steel. Today we’ll be talking about four of the major reasons:   Cost Effective The construction of steel buildings end up being less costly than traditional materials for a few reasons, such […]

Pro’s of Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

Pre-engineered buildings provide many benefits over conventional metal building methods. They are cost-efficient, easily customizable, designed to meet local building codes and load requirements, and also save a lot of construction time. The net effect is that pre-engineered buildings save you time, money and hassle when building any metal structure for commercial, industrial or residential […]

How To Save Money on your Building Project; and Get The Most For Your Money

Always begin with quality pre-engineered steel buildings. It never pays to settle for a cut-rate building to save a few dollars. In the end, you will definitely regret buying a cheaply made steel structure. A well-made steel building provides decades of useful service. It also enhances the resale value of your property. However, even with […]

Can you Erect A Steel Building Yourself?

Yes, if you so desire. Many of our clients posses their own personal avenues in regards to handling building erection. For simpler projects, DIY erection is feasible. Contrarily, for more complex, larger structures, professional help might be needed. You are more than welcome to handle the erection of your building. With that said, if you […]

Why Are No Prices Listed?

Each and every project we undertake are client specific. No two building projects will have identical pricing breakdowns. A pre-engineered steel building project is detailed, intricate, and ultimately, a multi-step process. With that said, we prefer to work individually with each and every client to customize a steel building project that is unique, and exclusive […]

Why Steel Buildings Are Superior to Wood Buildings

In terms of residential construction, wood buildings are a common alternative to steel buildings, but with the pressure and demands of a rapidly changing climate and environmental situation, just how long can we put off a steel building future? According to Grand View Research, steel prefab construction and pre-engineered buildings (PEB) already make up 70% […]

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