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5 Types of Steel Buildings Perfect for Your Business or Project

Are you considering a steel building for your next business or project? Steel buildings have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. They are ideal for businesses and projects of all sizes, from small storage sheds to large industrial facilities. Our customers often ask us about the most common […]

Erecting Your Steel Building

Erecting Your Steel Building (Steel Building Erection Services) Find out how to erect a steel building today! Our steel building erection services are extensive, but typically you have three options for the erection of your building: If you are less experienced, the best option is to have our in-house construction group erect your building to […]

Steel Building Site Preparation

Steel Building Site Preparation: What You Need to Know  Preparing your steel building site is a critical part of the building process as it ensures that your building is on stable, level, and well-compacted ground. The work involved includes tasks such as: removal of tree stumps, vegetation, and large rocks. Tower steel offers the services of […]

Steel Building Delivery

Steel Building Delivery (What to Expect) Just like any other building project, weather and distance are important factors when considering a timeline for your steel building erection. Luckily, at Tower Steel, we always aim to streamline the delivery process of our building kits so that you’re never waiting too long before you can start the […]

Engineering and Designing Your Steel Building

OUR STEEL BUILDING ENGINEERING PROCESS Engineering a steel building can be a confusing and lengthy process, so one of our premier services happens to be doing it all for you! Let’s go over some of the details involved in getting your structural building & foundation designs:  Once you have a basic building design, our engineers […]

Planning Your Steel Building Project

Taking your steel building from concept to reality is a multi-step process. Fortunately, Tower Steel Buildings has a streamlined procedure to make purchasing and erecting your building simple and worry free. In addition, our in-house services simplify the planning phase by including both design and building construction, because at Tower Steel we’re your one stop […]

Why is Choosing A Steel Building Best? (Versus Other Building Types)

Did you know that a Tower Steel Building kit slashes construction time by 33% or more? This quick construction doesn’t just save time— it saves money, too. Here’s how. Ways a Steel Building Saves you Time and Money Time equals money in construction. With every additional day of construction, total costs rise. Rapid construction cuts […]

What Separates Us From Other Steel Building Companies?

Pre-engineered rigid-frame building kits produce high quality buildings that outperform all other construction methods. Moreover, steel building systems offers the best metal buildings on the market today. There are no variations or unknowns in Tower Steel Buildings commercial-grade rigid-frame steel buildings. Precisely manufactured to the exacting tolerances of strict industry guidelines, every steel member of […]

Grow and Scale Your Business with Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

When your growing business needs more space, turn to Tower Steel buildings. Our clear span buildings create elbowroom for booming businesses to operate efficiently— and profitably. Booming Online Sales Drive the Industrial Building Market In 2019, already robust online sales increased an additional 16%. According to Digital Commerce, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven online sales […]

Top 4 Benefits of Steel Buildings

Top 4 Benefits of Steel Buildings Consistency and durability are the hallmark of steel buildings, which is why the construction industry defaults to steel. Today we’ll be talking about four of the major reasons:   Cost Effective The construction of steel buildings end up being less costly than traditional materials for a few reasons, such […]

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